Tucker Carlson and ‘North Korea Sympathizer’ Go At It In Insanely Off-the-Rails Segment


The moment you saw the chyron “Tucker Takes On North Korea Sympathizer,” you just knew it was going to be an insane segment.

Following a monologue in which he assailed mainstream outlets for glowing coverage of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister while claiming progressives love dictators because “they resent their fathers,’ Fox News’ Tucker Carlson brought on Dierdre Griswold of the communist Workers World Party to discuss North Korea.

And, yeah, considering that Griswold has a sympathetic view towards the reclusive dictatorship, you can guess how the interview went.

The two went back and forth over whether the North Korean people are aware of what’s going on in the outside world, literacy rates and prison populations, among other debate topics. At one point, Griswold said that Carlson was “making up a lot of stuff” after he said that it was illegal to watch a foreign film in North Korea.

And on it on it went. Towards the end of the segment, they tangled over whether the North Korean people were starving, with Griswold claiming they are the “healthiest looking people in the world.”

“They’re the best except for the tapeworms and tuberculosis — they’re awesome,” Carlson exclaimed while laughing at Griswold. “You know what? You should get some dental work over there!”

Griswold finished with this declaration:

“You are telling people lies about the world! And that’s what your station does. And I am not surprised by that at all and I’m glad to have had an opportunity.”

Tucker sarcastically told her that he “was glad to have her on for some truth” before ending the interview.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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