Tucker Carlson: Idi Amin ATE People and Didn’t Face the Scorn Julian Assange Faces From D.C. and Media


Julian Assange having finally been arrested on Thursday was the inevitable fate that launched a thousand hot takes and reactions, particularly from pundits and political commentators, and especially particularly those who have been chasing the collusion story or Hillary Clinton‘s loss for the last two-plus years. And on Fox News, Tucker Carlson‘s own take was mainly about those takes.

He opened his show first with a news update delivered by Catherine Herridge, and then dove into the topic for his opening monologue. “If you watch the coverage of this story today on television, you likely came away with the understanding that Julian Assange is some kind of Russian spy who is in trouble tonight because he stole classified documents from the U.S. Government” said Carlson. “That is not true, it’s factually incorrect.”

“Saying so is not a defense of Assange. We’re not here to promote him or excuse any number of things he said over the years that we disagree with quite a lot,” Carlson clarified. “But just so it’s clear, whatever his sins, Assange did not steal documents from the United States government. He did not hack the DNC servers, he didn’t break into John Podesta’s gmail account. There is s no proof that he’s working for the Russian government, or ever has worked for the Russian government.”

“Assange has never been charged with any of that and wasn’t today, no matter what they tell you,” he said.

Carlson said that if a person is genuinely upset by the theft of classified info, then the person to be upset with isn’t Assange but rather the then Army Private Bradley Manning, now Chelsea Manning. And added in some blame for former President Obama as well.

“In 2013 Manning pleaded guilty to stealing secret material and got thirty-five years in prison for it. Shortly after that, Barack Obama commuted Manning’s sentence, this allowed manning to leave jail decades early, go back on television as a political commentator, and then run for political office,” said Carlson. “So if your real concern is America’s national security, you have someone to be angry at: Barack Obama. And yet strangely, nobody is. Instead they’re furious at Julian Assange for printing the documents that other people stole.”

Carlson read aloud a comment from Republican Senator Ben Sasse that referred to Assange as a “wicked tool” of Putin.

“Wicked? The rest of his life in prison?” said Carlson. “Idi Amin ate people, and never faced this kind of scorn. Not even close. Nor, for the record, was Amin ever extradited.”

Carlson said there are several things going on here, primarily that Assange “embarrassed” most people in power in D.C. and humiliated Hillary Clinton. “Pretty much everyone in Washington has reason to hate Julian Assange,” he said, but that instead of admitting it they are simply calling him a Russian agent. He added that Assange is allowing people to keep “the collusion hoax” alive, post-Mueller.

That’s when Carlson laid into the journalists condemning Assange, whom he said “is, after all, one of them.” He added that despite that fact, the press has turned on him.

“Assange is no sleazier than many journalists in Washington. He’s definitely not more anti-American,” he said. “He’s broken stories the New York Times would have won Pulitzers for.”

He showed a number of quotes and comments from members of the media, and then played a clip of CNN’s Jim Sciutto, who Carlson said showed the real reason they are mad: That Assange “prevented” Clinton from winning in 2016.

He then pointed out that the publication of the Pentagon Papers was celebrated and applauded by the media who now condemn Assange. He also showed that as recently as 2011 the Washington Post still saw a connection between prosecution of Assange for publishing the documents he published and the freedom of the press here in the United States. “But that was before the Trump election and the total war that followed, a war in which the media had definitively chosen a side.”

“The guardians of speech are now the enemies of speech,” he said. “The people charged with policing power, are now colluding with power.”

“We just want to be absolutely clear about who hurts this country more, and it’s not him,” Carlson concluded.

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