Tucker Carlson Rants About U.S. Bringing in Afghan Refugees, Claiming Biden Is ‘Flooding Swing Districts’


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson continued to rail against bringing Afghan refugees into the United States, and insinuated the Biden administration is “flooding” swing states with refugees as part of an election scheme.

Carlson, who has been criticized for comments evoking replacement theory, showed a clip of Chris Cuomo and Fareed Zakaria saying the attacks on accepting refugees come from a fear of “brown people” being brought into the United States.

Carlson digressed briefly to say, “For the record, they are not brown, they’re likely whiter than you are, but whatever.”

“CNN wants you to know that you don’t have a right to know how many of these people are coming here from Afghanistan and where they’re going, what neighborhoods are they going to be living in? But of course you have a right, because it/s your country. You own it, you pay for it, you were born here. It belongs to you,” he told viewers.

Carlson looked at the states currently welcoming Afghan refugees, which includes Oregon, Ariaona, Texas, Nevada, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania.

“These communities include an awful lot of swing districts and swing states all over the United States,” he said.

Carlson insinuated that the Biden administration is bringing refugees to swing states so they can influence the next election.

They are doing everything they can to avoid accountability, to avoid an election they will lose. They are flooding swing districts with refugees they know will become loyal Democratic party voters. They’re opening the southern border in more than 200,000 illegal migrants per month. That’s the equivalent of two Afghan airlifts every 30 days.

Carlson also spoke with Stephen Miller, who attacked the idea of welcoming refugees by saying the U.S. would be “replicating the conditions in Afghanistan.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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