Van Jones Compares Fight Between Dems and GOP to Gang Violence: ‘What’s Wrong With All of Us?’

CNN’s Van Jones ended his show on Saturday by talking about the death of Nipsey Hussle and asking what is wrong “with all of us.”

“I want to acknowledge that rapper Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in Los Angeles this week,” Jones said. “I don’t even have words for this tragedy.”

He then called the rapper an “extraordinary young brother” who was “doing everything” you would want a young star to do.

“This was not gang related,” Jones made clear, referring to Hustle’s death.

However, he added: “All too often it is. Bloods versus Crips. Blue bandanas versus red.”

That is when Jones made it clear that the madness is not only on the streets among gangs.

“Who today has the authority to tell anybody to stop the madness because even among the elites, it’s the same thing — blue versus red, blue Democrats versus red Republicans,” Jones said. “Using their weapons to kill each other off as best they can with more sophisticated means and methods.”

“Both sides got their reasons for their righteousness,” he further added. “But if they keep going, we are going to have national self-destruction. Keep that in mind.”

Jones then concluded: “Peace and prayers to Nipsey’s family. But let’s not point fingers at the hood. What’s wrong with those people? What’s wrong with all of us?”

Watch above, via CNN

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