Music Video for Anti-Trump Rap Anthem Draws Praise and Condemnation


The music video for the protest anthem “FDT” (or “F*** Donald Trump”) from Los Angeles-based rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle is, perhaps predictably, dividing opinion.

The Los Angeles-based musicians released the track in late March, and filming of the music video was interrupted by police officers, who mistook the shoot for an actual riot. The crew had managed to gather sufficient footage before they were shut down by authorities, and the video incorporates some footage of police helicopters and cars in the background.

According to Spin, the song is a “masterful piece of rap as influential weapon, a takedown of the Republican frontrunner as well as a comprehensively cutting indictment of our political system at large.”

The video begins with a message signed by the musicians:

As young people with an interest in the future of America….
we have to exercise our intelligence and CHOOSE who leads us into it wisely.
2016 will be a turning point in this country’s history….
the question is….in which direction will we go?

The message continues to praise the progress made in the last eight years and to assert that in today’s connected and nuclear-armed world, “SEPARATION is the enemy. The next leader of America will be a most pivotal president for these reasons… register asap and choose wisely.”

As the original track did, the video incorporates a recording of Valdosta University student Tahjila Davis, speaking to reporters after she and about 30 other black students were preemptively removed from a Donald Trump rally.

However, according to Breitbart, the song and its video are filled with credible threats to Donald Trump’s safety and security. “To date, the Secret Service, Donald Trump, and his presidential campaign have not responded to the threats in the ‘F–k Donald Trump’ song and music video,” the outlet notes.

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