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WaPo Editor Marty Baron Calls Out Trump’s Initial Coronavirus Response: White House ‘Was Not Acting as If It Was Wartime’

Washington Post Executive Editor Marty Baron defended his paper on Sunday by explaining how President Donald Trump supposedly failed to heed warnings about how serious the coronavirus could be.

Baron joined CNN’s Brian Stelter to talk about how his reporters compiled an extensive review on how Trump shrugged off the the virus before taking it seriously. After brushing off Trump’s most recent slams on the media, Baron pointed to the report and noted how the administration was receiving warnings about Covid-19 since early January.

“I think the most important finding is that the government didn’t act like this was a war from the very beginning…What our staff tried to do is take a look at what this administration had done from that January 3rd date until the moment that the president declared himself to be a wartime president. So 70 days. It found that the government had failed all along the way. It did not pay attention to the seriousness of this pandemic but it was warned multiple times about it. It reacted very slowly, and was not acting as if it was wartime.”

In terms of whether Trump’s inactions worsened the severity of the pandemic, Baron noted that “everything stems from the person at the top.”

“From the very beginning, he was being dismissive of the dangers here,” Baron said. “He was arguing it wasn’t going to effect the United States to a great extent, and yet, there were warnings within his administration that he was aware of and should have been aware of and should have paid attention to…”

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