WaPo Media Critic Destroys Fox’s MacCallum for ‘Disgraceful’ Lewandowski Interview: ‘Fluffing the Pillow of a Trump Devotee’


An interview on Fox News Tuesday night moved a prominent media critic to rip the anchor who conducted it to shreds.

The Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple, on Wednesday afternoon, published a column slamming Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum for her conversation with former President Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, in his first post-hearing interview. In a piece titled “Fox News has no pride whatsoever,” Wemple absolutely tore into MacCallum and the network for what he called a “disgraceful” interview with Lewandowski.

“Fox News has every right to abandon journalistic imperatives in favor of preaching Republican talking points and fluffing the pillow of a Trump devotee in a public hearing,” Wemple wrote. “They lose, however, the right to gripe about being viewed as a one-sided outlet.”

Specifically, Wemple zeroed in on MacCallum not asking Lewandowski about his comment in which he stated that he feels “no obligation to be honest with the media.” Wemple wrote:

Instead, she asked Lewandowski, “How did you think it went?”; she asked him why he decided to testify in spite of the hours of previous testimony he’d given; she asked him about his reaction to someone saying he should be fined; she asked him to repeat that he’d never delivered the message to Sessions; she provided a talking point to Lewandowski about how Trump didn’t end up impeding the special counsel investigation; and she asked Lewandowski to address the “optics” of the Democrats pursuing Trump.

Watch the Lewandowski interview above, via Fox News.

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