WATCH: Colbert Shows Comey a Clip of Late Show Crowd Cheering His Firing


James Comey appeared on The Late Show for an interview on Wednesday night — over Pinot Noir in paper cups — and Stephen Colbert queued up an awkward video for the former FBI director.

Just over a year ago, President Donald Trump unceremoniously fired Comey, which the former FBI director found out about by seeing the breaking news on television.

And when Colbert announced the stunning news to his Late Show crowd – that Trump fired the official handling the investigation into his own campaign’s ties to Russia — they actually cheered, a likely remnant of liberal disdain for Comey’s handling of the Clinton email probe.

Colbert played that video for Comey in his Wednesday night appearance on the show, before asking: “Have you made everyone in the world mad at you?”

“I was a little shocked,” Colbert added. “I thought the audience would be shocked when I told them. But in fact they were overjoyed that even the man they don’t like, President Trump, had fired you, and I think because of what they perceived you had done to Hillary Clinton.”

“I think that’s a hangover from the Clinton email nightmare,” Comey conceded. “Yeah, when that case began I knew we were going to piss off at least half of partisans. It never occurred to me we would piss off all of them.”

“One of the people you worked with on the Clinton investigation at the time said, ‘You know we’re screwed,'” Colbert noted.

“He actually said, ‘You know you’re totally screwed,” Comey clarified.

Watch above, via CBS.

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