WATCH: Sen. Kennedy Says ‘Wangdoodle’ in Senate Hearing, Asks if IG Believes in Easter Bunny


Things took a few weird turns on Capitol Hill today as Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) grilled Inspector General Michael Horowitz about the details of his report on the FBI.

Kennedy put a lot of focus on the newly-discovered messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, both of whom have been slammed by conservative circles and used as proof of the FBI’s bias. As Kennedy went over Strzok and Page’s disparaging comments about Trump, he eventually came across the discussion where they bashed the president for bragging about the size of his penis during the 2016 primary debates.

Kennedy apparently didn’t want to revisit that episode, because he tried to get around the language with this:

“Lisa Page. “‘Did you hear Trump made a comment about his’ – I’m not going to say the word, it rhymes with wangdoodle – ‘the size of his ‘D’ earlier? This man cannot be president.'”

After Kennedy finished reciting from Strzok and Page’s correspondence, he pursued an…unusual line of questioning:

Kennedy: “General, do you believe in the Tooth Fairy?”

Horowitz: “Nope.”

Kennedy: “Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?”

Horowitz: “Nope.”

Kennedy: “Do you believe that Jimmy Hoffa died of natural causes?”

Horowitz: “Not based on what I read.”

Kennedy: “Do you honestly believe that the American people are doing to look at this report and look at those e-mails and not believe that there was bias and people acting on bias and that the fix was in at the FBI?”

Horowitz responded to that more serious question at the end by acknowledging the questions about the FBI’s integrity, but he stood by his determination that bias from Strzok and Page did not corrupt the Clinton email investigation.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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