Trump Posts Video Of Trump-Hater Bill Maher — Ripping DeSantis For 29 Seconds


Former President Donald Trump posted a clip of Trump-hating comic and pundit Bill Maher because it contained 29 seconds of mockery for his rival Ron DeSantis.

Trump has engaged in a long-running feud with Maher that includes recent attacks on CNN’s experiment of putting Maher’s “Overtime” segment on at 11:30.

But in a late-night post to his social media site, Trump shared a clip from the March 11 edition of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher in which the host talked with guests Josh Tyrangiel and John McWhorter about DeSantis as a poor substitute for Trump as far as “MAGA voters” are concerned:

First of all, everything I hear about DeSantis is that he’s dull. He doesn’t have any charisma. And also, I think I think liberals, they just, they make a real effort not to understand the Trump voter. And, you know, it’s like, “Oh, DeSantis is going to be great because he’s, it’s Trumpism without Trump.” And I think they’re like, “Why would we want a tribute band when the actual band is still playing?”

In the remainder of the segment, Maher went on to compare Trump’s supporters to “Black folks” who “knew that O.J. killed that girl…But it just felt right”:

JOHN MCWHORTER: But wouldn’t people maybe prefer the tribute band rather than somebody who’s going to blow up the world?

BILL MAHER: No, I hope so, too. But I was even more on the side of what I’m saying now this week when we found out how much Fox News has been lying. And I thought, see my liberal mind went to, Oh my God, you, Fox News viewers, all you care about is fake news. And now we have you caught red handed that you are getting fake news. We have this evidence. They’re caught red handed talking. We have the transcripts, the emails, the text. They’re saying they hate Trump. He’s bad for the country. They know he lost the country and they’re telling you the exact opposite. Aren’t you dumb asses understand? And there’s going, Yeah, we know, but it just feels right. It feels good. And I need to feel good. And it doesn’t matter if it’s factually right. It’s like, you know what? Remember the O.J. trial? Like, Black folks knew that O.J. killed that girl.


BILL MAHER: Right. But it just felt right. And I don’t blame that. What, for once, a Black guy beat the justice system after a zillion times the other way around.

JOHN MCWHORTER: So you think people are going to watch Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham lying to them, but figure, well, that’s okay because we want to get back at people who look down.

BILL MAHER: Yes. Yes, absolutely. Yes. That’s exactly it!

Watch the segment above via HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.

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