Real Time with Bill Maher

CNN Analyst Joshua Green Says ‘No Value’ in Briefings: Sarah Sanders Will Just ‘Get Out and Lie to Journalists’

Dan Savage Trashes Trump Supporters to Maher: ‘Racist White Dumb-F*cks’

Bill Maher Slams Democrats For Over-Regulating: ‘People Want to Drain The Swamp, Not Ban Big Gulps’

Watch Russell Brand Go on a Fascinating Rant About Drugs and Addiction

Steve Schmidt: ‘It Is Harder to Buy Cough Medicine Than It Is to Buy an AK-47’

Bill Maher: Now That White Supremacists ‘Are the Federal Government,’ We’re the Rebels Now!

‘Oh F*ck’: Bill Maher Clashes With Panel Over What Dems Should Do About Menendez If Convicted

Bill Maher is Still Puzzled by the Hate for Hillary Clinton: ‘She’s a Bland Centrist!’

Bill Maher: ‘Free Speech Is Under Attack From Both Sides’

Bill Maher Blames Charlottesville on Fox News: They ‘Reanimated’ Nazi DNA

Bill Maher Blasts Democrats for Soft Russia Probe Rhetoric: ‘Don Jr.’s a Traitor Already!’

Fareed Zakaria: If Trump Gets North Korea to Denuclearize, ‘I Would Give Him the Nobel Prize’

Fox News’ Richard Fowler Slams ‘Racist’ Bill Maher For Mocking 9-Year-Old Trump Fan: ‘He’s Evil’

Maher on Trump Confirming He’s Under Investigation: ‘Like Watergate if Deep Throat Was Nixon’

Maher Goes After Jared Kushner: If He’s Going to Run So Many Things, ‘He Must Speak’

Bill Maher: Kathy Griffin ‘Owes Me a Fruit Basket for Getting Her Off the Front Page’

Bill Maher Wants to Have Milo Yiannopoulos Back on Real Time

‘I Regret the Word I Used’: Bill Maher Apologizes for Using N-Word

Ben Sasse’s Mea Culpa to Maher N-Word Flap: ‘Cringing Last Night Wasn’t Good Enough’

Bill Maher: Doesn’t It Help Trump If Hillary Continues to Be So Visible?

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