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Chelsea Handler: ‘I’ve Become Such a Kinder, Nicer Person’ Because of Trump Being Elected

Maher Rips ‘Woke People’ Outraged at Halloween Costumes: Not Everything is Racist or Cultural Appropriation!

Maher Blasts The Media For ‘Stupid’ Caravan Coverage: ‘You’re Doing Trump’s Bidding!’

Maher: Trump Attacking the Media ‘Sounds Like He’s Not Condemning the Bomber’ But ‘Partnering With Him’

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki: Dems Should Be Concerned About the Latino Vote Ahead of the Midterms

Maher Says Political Correctness is Why Dems ‘Lose’: We Forced Scott Kelly to Apologize For Quoting Churchill!

Steve Bannon Shares 2020 Prediction With Maher: ‘I Think There Will Be Three-Way Race’

Bill Maher Slams Dems For Not ‘Having Balls’: They’re ‘to Political Courage What Velveeta is to Cheese’

Kathy Griffin Thanks Bill Maher for Being One of the ‘Only People’ Who Publicly Supported Her

Bill Maher Mocks Trump’s ‘Illiteracy’: ‘If You Can’t Read, You Can’t Be President’

Maher: Trump Supporters Should Admit They ‘Got Conned’ About The Wall

Chelsea Handler on Juanita Broaddrick: ‘Every Victim Deserves To Be Heard’

Bill Maher: What Franken Did Was Gross, But He Shouldn’t Be ‘Lumped In’ with Moore, Spacey, Trump

Maher Says Democrats Are ‘Blowing It’ on Terrorism, Islam: ‘Liberals Are Defending Illiberal Tactics’

Maher: John Kelly Was Supposed to Rein in Trump, ‘But Now He Acts Like Trump’

Bill Maher Slams Democrats For Over-Regulating: ‘People Want to Drain The Swamp, Not Ban Big Gulps’

Bill Maher: Now That White Supremacists ‘Are the Federal Government,’ We’re the Rebels Now!

‘Oh F*ck’: Bill Maher Clashes With Panel Over What Dems Should Do About Menendez If Convicted

Bill Maher is Still Puzzled by the Hate for Hillary Clinton: ‘She’s a Bland Centrist!’

Bill Maher: ‘Free Speech Is Under Attack From Both Sides’

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