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Chelsea Handler on Juanita Broaddrick: ‘Every Victim Deserves To Be Heard’

Bill Maher: What Franken Did Was Gross, But He Shouldn’t Be ‘Lumped In’ with Moore, Spacey, Trump

Maher Says Democrats Are ‘Blowing It’ on Terrorism, Islam: ‘Liberals Are Defending Illiberal Tactics’

Maher: John Kelly Was Supposed to Rein in Trump, ‘But Now He Acts Like Trump’

Bill Maher Slams Democrats For Over-Regulating: ‘People Want to Drain The Swamp, Not Ban Big Gulps’

Bill Maher: Now That White Supremacists ‘Are the Federal Government,’ We’re the Rebels Now!

‘Oh F*ck’: Bill Maher Clashes With Panel Over What Dems Should Do About Menendez If Convicted

Bill Maher is Still Puzzled by the Hate for Hillary Clinton: ‘She’s a Bland Centrist!’

Bill Maher: ‘Free Speech Is Under Attack From Both Sides’

‘You Gonna Apologize To Me?’ Malcolm Nance, Alex Marlow Feud During Maher’s Overtime Segment

‘You Can’t Stop Progress’: Bill Maher Rips President Trump Over Coal Jobs ‘Fetish’

Bill Maher, Breitbart Editor-In-Chief Bond Over Free Speech

Al Franken Backs ‘Friend’ Bill Maher After Bailing on His Show: ‘He’s Not a Racist’

‘I’m A House N*gga’: Did Bill Maher Cross a Line During Ben Sasse Interview?

Carter Page Is ‘Chump Change’: Former CIA Official Says Russian Ties Go Higher in Trump Admin

Maher Advises GOP to Learn Difference Between ‘Being Conservative and Just Being a D*ck’

‘O’Reilly Had a Rough Week’: Maher Goes on Tear Against Fox Host’s Alleged Sexual Harassment

Bill Maher Mocks Trump Voters: ‘Meet Me Half Way and Stop Being Stupid’

Bill Maher Defends Inviting Milo Yiannopoulos to Real Time After Panelist Backs Out in Protest

Bill Maher to Appear Alongside Van Jones in Upcoming CNN Town Hall

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