Wolf Blitzer Stumps Stammering Stephen Miller: Why Didn’t Trump Build the Wall When He Controlled Congress?


During a contentious interview on Thursday, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer stumped Senior Advisor to the President Stephen Miller with a question about why President Donald Trump didn’t get the wall built when the Republicans have controlled Congress since he took office.

Blitzer started by playing a clip of Trump telling Democratic leaders last week that he would be “proud” to shut down the government over border security.

Then, he pointed out that now — one week later — Trump seems to be in the same spot when it comes to the wall.

“We’re apparently in the same position we were a week ago,” Blitzer said. “The president had as you know two years of Republican-controlled House and a Republican-controlled Senate to get this done. To build that border wall. Why did he fail?”

Miller, who had been quick to respond with Trump-ian talking points throughout the interview, for once did not have an answer at the ready.

“Well…” he said, before an uncomfortable laugh and a bit of a stammer.

He finally said that “the fight is only beginning” and praised Trump for his many border security achievements.

Blitzer, though, pressed further asking Miller again why Trump couldn’t get it done while the GOP controlled both the Senate and the House.

Miller then said one hundred miles of the wall is done. Then, with his voice raising, Miller asked: “How many more innocent people have to die?”

Blitzer was not impressed with Miller’s vocal histrionics.

“Calm down a minute. We don’t have to yell. These are important policy issues we are discussing,” he said, before continuing to press him to try to get his question answered.

Watch above, via CNN.




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