Wolf Blitzer to Swalwell: Do Democrats ‘Risk a Backlash’ by Continuing Investigations?

Speaking with Rep. Eric Swalwell on Monday, CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked the prominent Democrat if his party risked a “backlash” by continuing the investigations into President Donald Trump.

Blitzer started by playing a clip for Swalwell of Sen. Lindsey Graham warning against continuing probes.

“Pursue what you think is important to the public but if you keep going after Mueller spoke, people are going to think you’re just out to get him, that there is no right answer other than Donald Trump must be removed from office and you’ll probably suffer the same fate we did as having gone too far,” Graham says during the clip.

Then, after the clip ended, Blitzer asked this: “So if you pursue this do you think a lot of Americans will think you are going to far, do you risk, in other words, a backlash?”

Swalwell replied, “I respect what Bob Mueller did. I think Congress and the American people should see it.”

He continued on: “I’ll just point out to Sen. Graham that I reached out to him over two years ago when I wanted to have an independent commission to take all of this outside of Congress and have experts and statespersons look at this rather than have a politically charged Washington do it. I only got two Republicans to sponsor my legislation. I always thought independent commissions is the best way to secure and make sure we are not attacked by the Russians again.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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