‘Wow!’ Ainsley Earhardt Stunned By Diner Insisting ‘Jill Biden Should Be Made to Feel Very Badly’


Ainsley Earhardt elicited a “wow” as she was taken aback by comments made by an 80-year-old diner in Urbandale, Iowa, who called out First Lady Jill Biden.

Fox & Friends sent Earhardt to Machine Shed, an eatery in the key early primary state, for a Friday morning show, the audience of which is a pretty self-selected set of not just Fox News viewers but Fox News enthusiasts. So, the political commentary these diners present is, let’s say, very much on message with Fox & Friends’ right-of-center opinion.

But Donna was different. She ignored Earhardt’s prompt on if the economy is the issue most concerning to her and instead went after not just President Joe Biden’s age but especially after the First Lady, whom she appears to blame for the president’s treatment in the media, particularly Fox News, one would think.

“One of the things that bothers me is I’m five days younger than the president,” Donna opened. “And I said I gimp — my walk has a gimp, and I forget things once in a while.”

Having established her geriatric bona fides, she turned to make her political point. “I feel that [Biden] has been put out before people and been made fun of all the time,” she offered. “And I would hope to think that my family would not do that to me. And I feel that Jill Biden should be made to feel very badly for what she’s doing.”

Earhardt was clearly taken aback by the sweet but searing commentary, saying “wow” before asking who Donna thinks should be the Democratic candidate, to which her subject replied, “That I don’t know. I think what I’d like to see is because they, the Democrats, don’t like him, I’d like to see the Kennedy running. I think that’s kind of fun to see what they’re going to be doing this year.”

The fact that Donna is the same age as a president who deals with constant criticism of his age only lent a bit of gravity to her comments. The fact that she delivered them as empathetically as an Iowa grandma only made her criticism more searing.

She was only provided a minute of air time, but Donna provided pointed and pithy partisan talking points that surely delighted Fox & Friends producers. There is no word yet on whether Donna will get her own Fox Nation show, but stranger things have happened.

Watch above via Fox News.

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