Brzezinski on Morning Joe: Carson’s Foreign Policy ‘Frightening and Detrimental’


On Thursday’s Morning Joe, host Mika Brzezinski could hardly hold back her disbelief over the continued candidacy of GOP frontrunner Ben Carson, as clips of Carson’s quotes on foreign policy from this week’s debate led the panel’s discussion.

Before offering any editorializing, Brzezinski presented a response of Carson’s from Tuesday night’s Fox Business debate. Regarding the U.S.’s role in the Middle East, Carson said, “Putting the Special Ops people in there is better than not having them there… we also must recognize that it is a very complex place, the Chinese are there as well as the Russians.”

When a reporter Wednesday asked Carson to clarify the assertion that China is involved in the Middle East, he responded, “I would have to refer you to some other people to get you the actual date but they’ve shown it to me.”

“It’s completely confusing — it’s vexing,” said Brzezinski.

Harold Ford Jr. admitted, “I think Dr. Carson is being honest, I just don’t think he knows what he’s talking about.”

Brzezinski dug in deeper, asking the show’s panel, “What am I missing here with this candidate? It seems as if he might not know anything about what he’s talking about when it comes to foreign policy to the point of frightening and detrimental.”

As The Washington Post’s Robert Costa attempted to weigh in, Brzezinski blasted Carson again, asking, “Has he ever made sense on foreign policy?”

“He gave a muddled answer on foreign policy at the debate,” admitted Costa.

Brzezinski did not take kindly to Costa’s explanation. “What was that answer? That was not a ‘no’ or a ‘yes’,” she responded sharply.

Co-host Willie Geist offered a suggestion regarding the debate talking point of Carson’s, noting that there had been an “unsubstantiated report, maybe last month” about China’s involvement in Syria. He continued however, “…it was immediately shot down.”

Watch the above video from MSNBC.

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