Republican Debate

FLASHBACK: At GOP Debate, Rick Perry Can’t Remember Third Agency He Would End As President

Cruz Challenges Trump to More Debates, Says Frontrunner is ‘Unwilling’

Chris Wallace to Kasich: Why Did You Skip Out on the Debate Fox Planned?

Cruz to Megyn: Trump Must Find You ‘Terrifying’ to Skip Another Debate

Krauthammer: Kasich Whines About Not Getting Time at Debates and Then Pulls Out of One?

Watch Donald Trump Completely Crush Ted Cruz in Mere Seconds

Debate Moderator Tapper: GOPers Were ‘More Civil’ Than We Prepared For

Trump Brushes Off Rally Violence at Debate: ‘I Certainly Don’t Condone That’

Tapper Asks Trump at Debate About Him ‘Praising Authoritarian Dictators’

Rubio Confronts Trump: Not Insulting Islam Isn’t Politically Correct, It’s Just Correct!

Trump Opens Debate With Message to GOP Establishment: Just ‘Embrace What’s Happening’

RNC’s Priebus Hopes Tonight’s Debate Will Be More PG-Rated Than the Last One

O’Reilly Gets Defensive Over His Post-Debate Trump Interview: I Keep It ‘Real and Fair’

Trump Campaign Manager Side-Coached Him Onstage in Violation of Debate Rules

Culture Warrior Bill O’Reilly Defends Donald Trump’s Dick Joke

‘Some Things You Just Can’t Fact-Check’: Twitter Collectively Loses Its Mind Over Trump’s Dick Joke

Baier to Rubio, Cruz, Kasich: Will You Support Trump as the Nominee, Yes or No?

Megyn Kelly Calls Out Trump for Multiple Flip-Flops: ‘How Is This Telling It Like It Is?’

Internet Wonders: What Was That Weird Thing That Came out of Ted Cruz’s Mouth?

Trump Brags About the Size of His Penis at the GOP Debate

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