Coulter Accuses NYT, WaPo of Pushing Fake News While Tearing Apart U.S. Intelligence (Again)


Conservative radio host and best-selling author Ann Coulter took time out on The Sean Hannity Show Thursday evening to take a few swipes at the U.S. intelligence community.

Coulter told Hannity — two of Donald Trump‘s most vocal and influential conservative media supporters anywhere — spoke about the reports of Russian interference intended to tip the balance in the electoral favor of Trump over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Hannity prompted his question to Coulter by alleging that the ‘Russia’ headlines are all a coordinated effort to undermine Trump’s legitimacy.

“What do you think of this effort to undermine — first it was the recount, then it was the Russians hacked, even though there’s no new evidence at all and the FBI and director of national intelligence disagree. And I know because I’ve interviewed a number of these people, electors being harassed to change their votes away from Trump. What do you make of the effort to delegitimize him?”

“It’s hilarious!” responded Coulter, before she invoked on of the most talked-about storylines in recent weeks: fake news.

But Coulter didn’t add to the ongoing conversation about dubious sites parading “fake news” stories in an attempt to create faux-viral outrage; rather, Coulter used the phrase to attack some of our largest media institutions. “And these fake news claims. Then I open the New York Times and the Washington Post and they’re pushing the fake news about how Russia wanted to elect Trump!”

Before long, Coulter turned the direction of her ire onto the U.S. intelligence community, which as of late been reported to have been concerned about Russian interference in our election; she sided, unsurprisingly, with the FBI in the newly-emerging (albeit strange) proxy war between the CIA and FBI. She continued:

“It doesn’t make any sense, the FBI disputes it. One of the main proponents of this, of this Russia — I mean, the articles in The New York Times and The Washington Post, they’re all anonymous sources from the CIA, an agency we really need to get rid of because it is utterly useless and it eats up a lot of tax money. And this isn’t something I’m bringing up for the first time now; my loyal readers know I’ve been making fun of U.S. intelligence for a good decade now. We have the worst intelligence collecting in the world. Worse than Burkina Faso, it’s worse than Walmart’s intelligence, because the Democrats decided to destroy the CIA after Watergate.”

Sure enough, Coulter has been critical of our intelligence agencies — who she identified Thursday as sitting around reading the Islamabad Post — before. A February 17, 2010 column on her website is equally damning. “[M]any of us recalled that the U.S. has the worst intelligence-gathering operations in the world,” she wrote at the time. “Burkina Faso has better intelligence — and their director of intelligence is a witch doctor. The marketing division of Wal-Mart has more reliable intel than the U.S. government does,” she continued, the same talking point she repeated Thursday.

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