‘A Fake News Joke!’ Trump Blasts The ‘Failing New York Times

Congressional Shooter’s Last Tweets Urged Democrats to Filibuster Neil Gorsuch

‘See You in The Supreme Court!’ Trump Lashes Out Again at Federal Judges

Trump’s First 100 Days Have Been So Bad, Even the Jimmy Carter Library is Throwing Shade

‘Things Will Work Out Fine’: Trump Dismisses Growing Tensions Between America, Russia

Ivanka Trump Weighs in on Syria: ‘Heartbroken and Outraged’ After Chemical Attack

Trump Declares War on Freedom Caucus in New Tweet: ‘We Must Fight Them’

‘Defeat From the Jaws of Victory’: New Tweets Show Trump is Still Angry About Health Care

Democratic Rep: Trump an ‘Evil Man’ Who is ‘Intentionally’ Trying to ‘Destroy’ American Lives

Trump Plugs Fox’s Jeanine Pirro in Anticipation of ‘Stunning New Details’ Over Wiretapping

‘Obamacare Will Explode’: Trump Vents in New Tweet

Trump is Using the Official @POTUS Twitter Account to Tweet Out Hearing Highlights He Likes

Trump Slams Russia Allegations in Fiery New Tweets: ‘This Story is FAKE NEWS and Everyone Knows It!’

‘FAKE NEWS’: Donald Trump Responds to Tax Return Fallout

Petulant President: Trump Tweets Out Ridiculous New Year’s Message to His ‘Enemies’

Coulter Accuses NYT, WaPo of Pushing Fake News While Tearing Apart U.S. Intelligence (Again)

Before Authorities Announce Cause of Plane Crash, Trump Tweets ‘Terrorist Attack’

GOP Candidate Stands by Calling for Obama’s Hanging, Compares Him to George Zimmerman

NY Times Critic’s Tweet Used for Full-Page Ad, and He’s a ‘Little Freaked Out’ About It

Rupert Murdoch Tweets About Santorum: ‘Win Michigan Game Over’

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