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Dennis Miller Tells Kimmel Why He’s Conservative: Liberalism is ‘Like a Nude Beach…Sounds Good Until You Get There’


On Wednesday night, Dennis Miller made his debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live and spoke about his conservative politics, which make him an outlier among comedians in Hollywood.

Living in California, Miller joked that he wasn’t offered an “I voted” sticker after casting his ballot on Tuesday but you’re forced to “get ‘I voted’ tattooed above your pubic mound.”

Jimmy Kimmel then told Miller how “people get upset” because he’s a conservative comedian, first calling it “weird” then correcting himself by calling it “unusual.”

“What did happen to you?” Kimmel asked.

“I’m socially liberal as anybody,” Miller responded. “When I watch Trump, he doesn’t rankle me like he rankles people on your side. There are days I think he’s a buffoon. There are days I can’t believe the stuff he says. But today, when I watched that [news conference], I kinda laugh. I watch Pelosi and she drives me batty.”

Miller explained that many of his closet friends are liberal and that he refuses to “go through life” defining who he’ll associate with by the “D or R after people’s names.”

“Like I said, socially liberal- and that’s what I don’t dig with what the conservatives do. They always come off like the town elders from Footloose and that’s a drag to me,” Miller told Kimmel. “But I look at liberals sometimes and I think liberalism is like a nude beach. It sounds good until you get there… and there’s a lot of cankles and misspelled tattoos.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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