Rep. Jackie Speier: Trump ‘Has in Many Respects Become a Dictator’


Rep. Jackie Speier shared harsh words about President Donald Trump on Wednesday afternoon during a CNN appearance with Brianna Keilar.

At issue is the day’s news that the White House is claiming executive privilege in an attempt to deny the release of an unredacted version of the Mueller Report, details of the redacted version of which are still under hot political debate. The White House also appears to be aiming to keep former White House counsel Don McGahn and Special Counsel Robert Mueller from testifying before Congressional hearings.

The issue put forth by Keilar, however, focused on the Democratic-controlled House voting on holding Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for his refusal to answer a subpoena for his appearance before the House Judiciary committee.  Keilar asked, “Does this really do anything in the end?”

Speier offered “this is turning up the heat. There is no question that holding him in contempt will throw it to the courts and we will have to hope that that will be expedited. Congress has the right to access the underlying documents of the Mueller report.”

She continued that the Trump administration is  “throwing every obstacle in our way because the president has in many respects become a dictator.”

She then added that “He is trying to prevent Congress from doing its oversight function. We won’t accept that. If necessary, we can do what’s called inherent contempt which means we can call on the sergeant of arms to bring in Mr. Barr and have him appear before the full house and then either he testifies or he is fined.

Watch above via CNN.

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