Viral Video: Texas Voting Machine Glitch Won’t Let You Vote Republican

You know what they say: Don’t mess with Texas…voters. With YouTube accounts. Why? Because they’ll upload it all onto the web. Yesterday, a Dallas resident went to a local library to cast an early vote for Rick Perry, Texas’ incumbent Republican governor. But due to an alleged bug with the Votetronic Polling Machine, his attempts at democracy were thwarted: whenever he selected Gov. Perry’s button, the machine instead selected all Green Party candidates on the ticket.

When the Green Party is getting straight-ticket votes in Texas, something is probably amiss. But the question is, what? The video’s uploader says it’s “a serious bug in the Votetronic Polling Machine,” while others say the video’s a fake. There have been more than a few suggestions that the trick is in the voter’s thumb, which is secretly selecting Green Party candidates while the index finger distracts us from the sleight-of-hand at play.

Voting machine bug or fake video? Until we find out for sure, judge for yourself:

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