Olbermann The Angry? Donny Deutsch Pulled Off Air After Olbermann Segment

Donny Deutsch‘s “America the Angry” week-long 3pmET MSNBC show is ending after just two episodes, after he mentioned Keith Olbermann in criticism of “angry” people on both sides.

Apparently Olbermann had a problem with his mention in the segment, which included Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and MSNBC’s Ed Schultz.

An MSNBC spokesperson told TVNewser “Deutsch was going to be off the rest of this week due to a personal issue,” but this seems to contradict what MSNBC spokesperson Jeremy Gaines told the New York Times. “The segment did not go unnoticed and we’re dealing with it internally,” he said.

Mediaite hears from a source close to the situation that the show was already booked today – and was set to feature Andrew Ross Sorkin and Pat Buchanan, among others, and the decision to cancel for the rest of the week came down this morning. Deutsch tweeted yesterday, “Tune in to MSNBC @ 3 for my week-long special, Angry in America…Great show today!”

It appears when you want to criticize Keith Olbermann you have to do so without using his name or image, as Morning Joe has down to a science.

More from the New York Times about the 3pmET exec producer:

The four people briefed on the decision also said that Mr. Deutsch’s executive producer for the hour, Gresham Striegel, was sent home. Reached on his cell phone Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Striegel declined to comment on any of the claims.

Striegel was formerly a producer at Glenn Beck’s FNC show, and moved over to MSNBC in January to produce for David Shuster. Oh yeah. David Shuster previously held the 3pmET slot. As MSNBC daytime turns…

>Update: Um. Apparently Olbermann is also going off the air, albeit temporarily. He explains in a tweet:

Programming note: I’ll be off tv the next two nights. Colonoscopy time! Yay! No issues, just a new annual fact of life after Dad.

From the NYT story:

Mr. Olbermann’s detractors have repeatedly claimed in the past that he has refused to host his show on occasions when he was unhappy with management.

Well, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski haven’t been punished yet (we don’t think).

> But wait, there’s more: In denying his involvement in the decision, Olbermann continues to bash Brian Stelter. And on a personal note: Team Stelter (which also doubles as Team Honesty):

This just in: complete fail by @BrianStelter of NY Times: I advised him of how wrong he was and he still posted.

I emailed @BrianStelter “Your account is entirely untrue. Your email is the first I am hearing of any of this. What I know of what…

Email to Stelter Pt 2: “.. is this: (MSNBC President) phoned me yesterday enraged at what was on that show + I didn’t disagree with him.

Sad to say, @BrianStelter was an innovative and hardworking blogger. He’s in over his head where he is now.

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