SNL: Betty White Meets The Census-Taker, And Hat-Tips Christopher Walken

SNL regulars love callbacks — like if Merv The Perv or Col. Angus showed up in a sketch, or Delicious Dish — but it takes a real fan to point to a sketch hailing from a full decade ago. Tonight those aficionados got their reward with the final sketch of the night, “Census Taker” in which Tina Fey calls on Betty White at home to get her census information, only to be befuddled by her responses. If that sounds familiar, you might need more plans on a Saturday night — and also, you probably saw the identically-themed sketch in 2000 featuring Tim Meadows and Christopher Walken. If you’re a real aficionado, you’ll know that Tina Fey wrote the original “Census Taker” sketch, and that it’s one of her favorites, and that it appeared on the “More Cowbell” episode of SNL.

Both sketches allow the hosts to go off on their own unique zany tangents, to comic effect — upon review, I think Walken-Meadows edges White-Fey, though White’s repeated use of the word “Blarfengahr” made me giggle. What do you think? Compare and contrast below.

The Census-Taker [SNL Transcripts]

Hat tip: Julie Klausner.

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