With Jon & Kate Gone, The Soup Pitches New TLC Show

tlc_11-30Now that Jon & Kate Plus 8 has come to an end, TLC has an opening in its prime time schedule.

And in a brutal parody of the strange path TLC has taken since it abandoned the “The Learning Channel” moniker, The Soup offered up a new series idea: Fertile Little Tattooed Pageant Parents Who Enjoy Baking.

Joel McHale explained on Friday’s show how TLC has “cornered the market on four unique reality shows” – and made them each several times. Now, they’ve combined all four ideas. In the fake promo, the reality show types featured on TLC are either “overwhelmingly fertile programming, “tattoo artists,” “little people,” “pageants, sexy kids” or “baking.” Combine them all, and you’ve got a TLC product that highlights where the network has fallen in terms of offering bottom of the bucket programming instead of anything remotely educational.

The fake promo called it “fringe reality programming,” and while the show idea is fake, there’s more “fringe” shows like it coming. The truth is, it’s not a joke, and it’s not just TLC (is everyone ready for MTV’s Jersey Shore?).

Also, take note of The Soup‘s new, fake, TLC slogan, “Learning Is For Pussies.”

Here’s the clip:

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