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Comedian John Fugelsang Discovers NY Democrat’s Preferred GOP Veep: Bob Marley

Red Eye Panel Dances Around This Week’s Big Mystery: Tom Cruise’s Sexuality

Watch Nancy Grace And A Nancy Grace Stunt Double ‘Beat Each Other Up’

Geraldo Rivera And Laura Ingraham Clash Over ‘Hackery’ In Fast And Furious Scandal

Reverse Sexism? Rep. Nancy Pelosi Claims The ‘Harshness’ Of Politics Is Keeping Women Out

Marco Rubio Praises Supreme Court Immigration Ruling: ‘Not Just About Immigration, But About Criminality’

Al Sharpton Will Deliver Eulogy At Rodney King’s Funeral

Huckabee On Health Care Ruling: ‘It Is A Tax Because The Supreme Court Says So’

Krauthammer To Hannity: Roberts Was Protecting The Court’s ‘Reputation’ With Health Care Decision

Jon Stewart Ridicules CNN, Fox News For Getting Supreme Court Decision Wrong

On Fox: Sarah Palin ‘Tends To Agree’ With The Term ‘Treachery’ To Describe Today’s Ruling

Charles Blow And Katie Pavlich Trade Barbs In Heated Piers Morgan Debate

Michael Savage Blames Justice Roberts’s Epilepsy Medication For Health Care Ruling

Rep. Nancy Pelosi To Ed Schultz: Today’s Ruling A Victory ‘For Health Care As A Right, Not A Privilege’

O’Reilly Responds To ‘Outrageous’ Supreme Court Ruling: ‘Now The Government Calls The Shots’

O’Reilly Promised To Apologize If The SCOTUS Upheld The Individual Mandate. Did He?

Nevermind The Politics: Justice Roberts’ Bait-And-Switch Is Today’s Greatest Outrage

Joe Scarborough: ‘Political Timing’ Of Holder Contempt Vote Makes GOP Look ‘Petty And Partisan’

The Funniest Reactions To Today’s Supreme Court Decision On Twitter

A ‘Deeply Sad’ Ann Curry Tells USA Today She Is Leaving The Today Show

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