comScore Watch Fox News Spin a Pending Jerry Jones Lawsuit Into Story About NFL Players Kneeling

Watch Fox News Spin a Pending Jerry Jones Lawsuit Into Story About NFL Players Kneeling

Jerry Jones is getting ready for a legal scrap. The Dallas Cowboys owner has hired a lawyer and is reportedly planning on suing the NFL if they renew commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract.

To the uninitiated, it’d be easy to assume that this lawsuit has something to do with all of those pesky football players and their anthem protests. Jones is pissed that Goodell hasn’t officially declared war on those disrespectful pigskin pushers and is drawing a line in the sand, heroically protecting innocent Americans, who are being forced to think about the outside world for a few seconds, once a week.

It’d be easy to assume that. It’s also wrong. Jones is livid that Goodell is prepped to suspend Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott for six games, following allegations of domestic abuse.

Did that stop Fox News from somehow twisting the story to fit their larger “culture wars” narrative? Of course it didn’t! Ezekiel Elliot? Who’s that? This lawsuit is all about those kneeling bozos, pissing on the national anthem and forcing red-blooded patriots to forgo Papa John’s for the weekend.

Watch the above video, from this morning’s Fox & Friends, and note how sneakily the words are arranged.

“A war may be brewing between NFL owners and commissioner Roger Goodell. The New York Times reporting Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hired a lawyer to stall Goodell’s contract extension and is preparing to sue the league,” said Jillian Mele, pausing for a quick beat.

All good, right? Now watch the lingual jiu jitsu unfurl.

“Jones and a handful of NFL owners are upset at Goodell’s lack of action in stopping anthem protests, which has led to a boycott and low attendance at games.”

See what she did there? That quick pause technically indicated a subject change, but it happened so fast that two totally distinct news items seemed to blur together, triggering a seething mass of angry Americans, slamming their coffee cups in despair. If you look close enough, you can almost see a slight wisp of Mele’s soul escaping her body as she begins that final sentence.

So, yeah, not only did Fox News air that segment, they deemed it fair enough to capture and post to Twitter. Keep pushing out that quality content guys.

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