Fox News Panel Immediately Points Out Hunter Biden Indictment Comes On Day With ‘No Briefing’ Scheduled: ‘Ironically’


Fox News Justice Correspondent David Spunt said that it is “notable” and ironic that there’s no White House press briefing scheduled on the day the president’s son has been indicted on felony charges.

The announcement came Thursday after a federal grand jury indicted on three federal charges stemming from Hunter Biden’s possession of a gun as a drug user, and making false statements.

“So, David, all of this certainly raises the ‘P-word’ at the White House. Because the president now faces the prospect that his son could go to jail, potentially for, as you pointed out, a fairly long time. And, does he issue a pardon, because he does have that authority,” asked anchor John Roberts.

Spunt discussed the seriousness of the charges before questioning the timing of the announcement.

“It’s certainly a possibility and it depends on if this goes to trial after Joe Biden may be out of the White House,” Spunt said, continuing:

If Joe Biden runs, the current president runs, loses the election at the end of ’24, and we have a new president on January 2025, this goes to trial after that, Hunter Biden may not get that pardon. Hunter Biden may not get the pardon if Joe Biden is president. But certainly there will be questions to the White House.

I think it’s notable, and correct me if I’m wrong, I believe there is no White House briefing today. You know, ironically, there’s no briefing today when this news comes down. We know the president is going to be traveling to Delaware at some point in the next few days. So, not clear when we are going to hear from him, not clear when we’re going to hear from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Anchor Sandra Smith interjected, “Well, we will hear from the president. He’s scheduled to give a speech on the economy. So, we will hear from him — we don’t know if it will be on this.”

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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