comScore Man Charged With Lying About Having Coronavirus to Get Time Off

Idiot in SC Arrested for Forging Coronavirus ‘Note’ from Doctor to Get Vacation, Causing 5-Day Shutdown

A Spartanburg County, South Carolina man was arrested and charged with breach of peace and forgery after lying about having the coronavirus, Sheriff Chuck Wright told reporters in a presser this week.

The man, Jeffrey Long, told his call center employers at the Sitel Corporation that he had been tested for coronavirus at the VA hospital and the results were positive, and forged a note from the doctor as proof.

The call center then evacuated all their employees and shut down the building for five days of deep cleaning and sterilization. They advised employees who had been in contact with Long to self-quarantine for two weeks.

“I don’t know the dollar number it cost to disinfect their whole entire building, but it was a large number,” Sheriff Wright told reporters. “It wasn’t a hundred bucks. It was more than that.”

“It seems to me like the fella just wanted a two-week, paid vacation,” said Wright at the presser. “You can’t do this to people.”

That vacation from work could now last up to three years and thirty days in jail. Brilliant.

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