Maria Bartiromo: ‘Is There Any Reason Why We Should Not Be Trusting President Trump?’


Maria Bartiromo opened her titular Fox Business Network show Mornings with Maria Thursday morning with a bipartisan discussion over Wednesday’s dramatic White House developments between President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. During a surprisingly  passionate back and forth with Rep. Debbie Dingel, Bartiromo asked the Democratic Congresswoman “Is there any reasons why we should not be trusting President Trump?”

The context of this question, of course, is Speaker Pelosi claiming that President Trump was engaged in a “cover-up,” obstructing justice which “could be” impeachable offenses. Trump did not cotton to the “cover-up” comment and canceled a pre-planned infrastructure bill negotiation, instead choosing to speak a hastily assembled press in the Rose Garden where he continued to lash out at Congressional Democrats and dismiss the Mueller Report.

Dingell explained that, as is written into the Constitution, Congress legal responsibility is to provide oversight of the Executive branch, adding that they are able to multi-task, saying “we have to do that and get the work done for the people.”

Not surprisingly, Bartiromo, a fierce defender of President Trump, parroted the position taken by the Commander in Chief.  “I understand but you have to have a reason to start an investigation,” she responded, adding “Is there any reason why we should not be trusting President Trump?”

She continued by saying Trump “wants to get work done, what exactly is the reason for all of these investigations, why are we allowing this — aren’t we allow the president to get job done to make progress for the American people, you’re not supposed to find the man and then look for the crime. You’re supposed to find the crime and follow the crime.”

The FBN host doubled down hitting  Congress for doing the opposite: “They’ve got their guy and look for the crime!”

Trump’s critics — and Democratic congressional members calling for an impeachment investigation — might point to the administration’s alleged stonewalling of numerous Congressional requests for further testimony and documents as a reason why Trump may not be trusted. Oh and also the fact that Trump has been named an unindicted co-conspirator for the cover-up of paying off alleged extramarital affairs, or that he reportedly met privately with Vladimir Putin and insisted that notes be destroyed. These are just a handful of reasons why Trump might not be trusted by those who are not a fan.

Watch above via FBN.

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