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Jesse Jackson Calls Out Biden Hours Before Meeting With Ex-Veep: He Was on the ‘Wrong Side of History’ With Busing

Rev. Jesse Jackson criticized Joe Biden on CNN, saying Biden “was on the wrong side of history” on busing just hours before his scheduled meeting with the ex-vice president.

Poppy Harlow interviewed Jackson on CNN Newsroom Friday morning, before his meeting with Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition group. Harlow asked about Biden’s heated exchange with Sen. Kamala Harris on his civil rights record during the Thursday debate.

“Joe was on the other side. Biden on the other side. And then my judgment was the wrong side of history,” Jackson said — though Harlow noted in the years since, Biden and Jackson have become friends.

“We had to have, the Montgomery bus boycott, the federal government had to intervene,” Jackson said. “The states were left with labor, education, health, and the right to vote. We’ve had the federal government convene to stop from violating basic human rights. Here we are still today debating what happened then.”

Harlow asked if Jackson would speak with Biden about his record Friday, he demurred saying, “No, I want to ask him about his positions.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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