JOE30330: Biden’s Sensational Gaffe at Democratic Debate Baffles Twitter

Former Vice President Joe Biden had arguably a much stronger showing at CNN’s debate than he did in the first bout last month. But he ended on a bizarre note by telling people to visit an apparently nonexistent campaign site.

From what we can tell, Biden sought to tell people to text “JOE” to 30330, which signs users up for text updates from his campaign. But Biden instead said, nonsensically, “go to Joe30330 and help me in this fight,” not indicating that he was talking about a text service.

Biden’s campaign quickly got out in front of the gaffe.

That didn’t stem the tide of mockery. Twitter was equally confused and amused by the frontrunner’s stumble.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign apparently bought and registered, which now redirects to the candidate’s campaign website. has also been bought and redirects to something called the Josh for America Exploratory Committee. The donation page encourages visitors to donate to Buttigieg.

Watch above, via CNN.

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