Jeb Bush’s ‘Work Harder’ Comment Was No Gaffe; It Was the Truth

Glenn Beck Mocks Obama for Geography Gaffe

Oops! Fox Anchors Accidentally Call It ‘Veterans Day’ Despite Repeatedly Reporting On Memorial Day

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Forgets Which Morning Show He’s On, Drops Big Ol’ F-Bomb On Today Show

Joe Biden Slams GOP For Relying On Voter ‘Amnesia,’ Proceeds To Flub Senate Candidate’s Name Twice

Oops! DNC Showed Russian Warships During Tribute To U.S. Military Vets

Gretchen Carlson Asks Rep. Van Hollen How He’ll Help Biden Be Less ‘Gaffetastic’ In Upcoming Debate

Fox & Friends Tackles Biden’s ‘Chains’ Remark: ‘Biden Should Man Up And Say It Was A Mistake’

Rudy Giuliani’s Analysis Of Joe Biden: ‘This Guy Just Isn’t Bright’

Jon Stewart Mocks Romney Campaign For Gaffes In Poland And Israel

Fox News Sunday Panel Criticizes Romney’s Comments On London Olympics

DNC’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Romney Made ‘Intelligence Gaffe’ In England

Sarah Palin: ‘Absolutely Out Of Whack’ For Obama To Say Private Sector Is Doing Fine

An Obama Gaffe That Actually Matters: ‘The Private Sector Is Doing Fine’ (With Obama Response)

Maher: If Biden’s Gaffe Forced Obama’s Hand On Gay Marriage, ‘Biden Must Make More Gaffes’

CNBC Contributor: ‘I Also Like Dicks Quite A Bit.’

Ron Paul To Perry On Gaffe: Happens To Everybody, Just Not In Front Of 4 Million People

Megyn Kelly Probes Double Standard On Gaffes Of Bachmann And Schumer

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