Romney: When Trump Attacks Our Election as ‘Stolen or Rigged,’ ‘Authoritarians Around the World’ Hear What He’s Saying


On Sunday morning, Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) commented on President Donald Trump’s allegations of widespread voter fraud, declaring such rhetoric made by the president “discourages confidence” in our election process – which foreign authoritarian leaders hear loud and clear.

Romney further issued a stark warning to Trump on NBC’s Meet The Press, warning the president to be “careful” moving forward in challenging the 2020 election results in court.

“The people in the past, like myself, who lost elections have gone on in a way that said, ‘Look, I know the eyes of the world are on us. The eyes of our own people are on the institutions that we have. The eyes of history are on us,’” Romney stated.

“In a setting like this, we want to preserve something which is far more important than ourself or even our party — and that is preserve the cause of freedom and democracy here and around the world,” he continued.

The senator from Utah then said it’s fair for Trump to pursue legal avenues, but also warned that the world is listening to his statements.

“I think it’s fine to pursue every legal avenue that one has. But I think one has to be careful in the choice of words,” Romney said. “I think when you say that the election was corrupt or stolen or rigged, that’s, unfortunately, rhetoric that gets picked up by authoritarians around the world.”

“It also discourages confidence in our democratic process here at home. And with a battle going on right now between authoritarianism and freedom, why, I think it’s very important that we not use language which can encourage a course in history which would be very, very unfortunate,” Romney added.

Watch above, via NBC News.

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