WATCH: José Díaz-Balart Confronts Biden on Obama Admin’s Deportations, Asks If He Should Apologize


Telemundo and NBC News anchor José Díaz-Balart had a long-ranging interview with Joe Biden on his bus, where he confronted him on deportations during the Barack Obama administration.

“The Obama-Biden legacy includes more than 3 million people deported in years that you were in power, and some of the structures that were created during — they have really been the ones that President Trump built upon to have his zero tolerance, family separation policy,”  Díaz-Balart noted. “Should you be apologizing for anything?”

“I think what we should be doing is acknowledging that comparing what President Obama did and what Trump did–it’s night and day,” Biden responded.

Díaz-Balart pressed him, saying “the numbers are there.”

“No, no, no, no … that was what the law was at the time,” Biden said, shifting blame to Republicans and noting that Obama enacted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and stressed he would pass it into law and not just make it an executive action.

“Do you have anything to apologize for,” Díaz-Balart asked again. “Did you speak up for the immigrant community in those eight years?”

Yes I did speak up for the immigrant community, but I’m not going to get into anything I had difference with the president on,” Biden said, though again defended deportations as “the law at the time.”

Watch above starting at minute 16, via Telemundo.

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