Tucker Carlson Says Joe Biden ‘Doesn’t Exist’ and ‘Is a Hologram’ But Presidency Will ‘Make You Drink Starbucks Every Day’


Fox News host Tucker Carlson, in a bizarre rant Friday night during his primetime show, said that not only is Democratic nominee Joe Biden a “hologram” that “doesn’t exist,” but also told viewers a Biden presidency would bring about forced “uniformity” resulting in all people being mandated to drink Starbucks coffee.

“Who is Joe Biden?” Carlson began. “This man who claims to be our president? We ought to find out.”

“The truth is as of tonight, we don’t really know. We have no clue what Joe Biden thinks or even if he is capable of thinking. He hasn’t told us. No one made him tell us. For a full year now. That’s by design. In fact, it’s becoming clear there is no Joe Biden. The man you may remember from the 1980s is gone. He no longer exists. What remains is a projection of sorts, a hologram designed to mimic the behavior of a non-threatening political candidate. Relax, Joe Biden is here; he smiles a lot. That’s the message from the vapor candidate,” Carson stated. “Don’t think too much. Who is running the projector here?”

Carlson then took aim at his next concern of the evening: sharing a belief that a Biden presidential win would result in “total uniformity.”

“You know the people behind Joe Biden are not like that at all. They don’t believe in dissent. That’s not them at all. They demand obedience,” Carlson continued. “Diversity is the last thing they want. It’s a cruel joke. These people seek absolute sameness. Total uniformity.”

“You’re happy with your corner coffee shop. They want to make you drink Starbucks every day from now until forever,” he stated. “That’s the future they promise.”

“Everyone doing the same thing,” Carlson concluded.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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