Howard Stern Rips Caitlyn Jenner Over Recent Comments: She’s ‘Transgender People’s Worst Nightmare’


Howard Stern blasted Caitlyn Jenner for being “transgender people’s worst nightmare.”

The conversation took place on the Tuesday edition of The Howard Stern Show where Stern and co-host Robin Quivers were talking about Jenner’s model daughter Kendall Jenner.

“You know — who’s thinking about Bruce Jenner when you’re looking at this girl?” Stern said.

“Oh, my God. Certainly can’t think of Caitlyn with her constant political comments that make no sense at all,” Quivers said.

“Yeah. She’s like transgender people’s worst nightmare. A transgender who’s self-loathing?” Stern said, likely referencing Jenner’s recent controversial comments about keeping transgender athletes out of competing with their preferred gender.

In recent months, Jenner has received backlash after saying the trans community was “oversaturated,” citing indoctrination as the cause in an April interview with Breitbart.

“Trans is not made up or fake, but it is oversaturated due to indoctrination and is the latest way the left is destroying the family unit—growing government, the indoctrination in the classroom, and the subsequent drastic increase in children being transitioned is a huge problem,” she told the outlet.

Since then, the Olympian has also spoken out about trans women competing in female sports and has even called upon the NCAA to block athletes from competing at the college level.

Jenner announced in April a PAC called “Fairness First” aimed at keeping “boys out of women’s sports.”

“Oh, she’s a mess,” Quivers added.

Stern began discussing the controversy surrounding the transgender community at large.

“That transgender. Everyone’s so uptight. Who gives a fuck. The religious folks are just outta their mind. They’re boycotting Anheuser-Busch. They wanna boycott Disney – what was it? They had a Pride Day or something,” Stern said.

“They welcomed the LGBT community to come ride their rides,” Quivers clarified.

“Yeah. I heard some guy and people going, ‘You know, God doesn’t approve of this.’ I’m like, no offense, you’re a made-up friend. You don’t know what he approves of. Just be quiet about what God — you don’t know anything about God,” Stern said.

Listen above via The Howard Stern Show.

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