‘It Doesn’t Look Like Foreskin!’ CNN’s Chris Wallace Riffs With Jay Leno About Getting His Skin Grafts From a Mohel


CNN anchor Chris Wallace jumped right in when star comic and former Tonight Show host Jay Leno joked he got his skin grafts from “a friend who’s a mohel” and set up an unsettling punchline in the process.

This week’s episodes of Wallace’s Max/CNN series Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace featured interviews with Leno and Dr. Phil.

In his interview with Leno, Wallace asked Leno for a “medical update” on injuries from two serious accidents, and got more than he bargained for:

WALLACE: So seriously, I want a medical update after the garage fire which was serious, you said that you got a new face and a new ear. What does that mean?

LENO: Well, that means I got a new face and a new ear. I mean, ears when you, when you catch fire there’s no bone – ears are like paper. They go up. So they, they make you a new one. And they…

WALLACE: Can I see it? (Sure.) Can I see the other one? They look the same. (Yeah, I had a very good doctor.) Well, what’s this made of?

LENO: It’s artificial skin. I think it is. (Really?) Yeah.

WALLACE: And then what about your face?

LENO: Well, I guess you know, people think that the skin grafts are expensive. I have a friend who’s a mohel. And he gave me a bag of them and you can’t even, you can’t even tell it must be 50-60…

WALLACE: It’s funny. It doesn’t look like foreskin!

LENO: No, no, but when I get excited…well never mind. (laughing)

WALLACE: Wow, I walked right into that one!

LENO: Whole face tightens up, yeah.

WALLACE: Okay, so then (Yes.) You’ve just healed from the fire and you decide what can I go wrong? I’m gonna go motorcycle riding…

LENO: Well I’ve always ride a motorcycle. I’ve ridden motorcycles for 50 years.

WALLACE: I understand. But you crash. And as a result, and you could talk about it because there’s a pretty good excuse. You get a broken collarbone (right), two broken ribs, and two cracked kneecaps. (Right, right.) Are you all healed?

LENO: I mean, it’s only a couple months ago. So you still get a little bit. But yeah, for the most part, you know, but at least it’s a motorcycle if I had slipped in my Pat Boone Walk In Bathtub, that would have been really embarrassing. So you at least get street cred. ‘Oh, you’re on a motorcycle’, oh almost 100-year-old motorcycle, because I have a 1940 Indian. So you get a little bit, a little bit of street cred.

WALLACE: So I’m going to ask a question that I bet your wife Mavis has asked. (All right, go ahead.) Are you gonna knock it off?

LENO: No, why would, why would you knock it off? I mean….

WALLACE: Well, first of all, did she ask you that?

LENO: No, not really. She knows better than to ask me that. (It’s like there’s no helping you) You know with women crashing cars, motorcycles… is fine. Other women. That’s…

WALLACE: Now we’re talking about serious trouble

LENO: Oh he just killed himself, he wasn’t with a woman, was he? Okay, that’s fine.

WALLACE: But I mean, seriously, no thought of staying off motorcycles, not getting under cars…

LENO: No, no the motorcycle didn’t do anything wrong. It was my fault. You know, I was riding this 1940 Indian. So I cut through a parking lot, but there was two posts with a chain across it. But no, you know, (no, flag or anything) no flag. Plus I mean, the sun is like this, like the sun was on my eyes. Let me cut through this by, boom, and it hit me in the neck and threw me down. (I mean, clothesline.) Yeah. What you mafia guys, that’s your term. Yeah, I guess clothesline. (Yeah, yeah.) Yeah. When you have those mob connections, you use those kinds of words (Yeah, I was just going to say). Anyway, I mean, if I had been going 50 or 60, I would have been decapitated. But luckily it just…but it tore my face across here. So I went home and I called my face guy again, I go, you know, my new face. And he goes ‘what did you do?’ I told him, I went back to him and he fixed it again.

Watch above via Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace. The full interviews are available on Max.

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