South Park Takes On Andrew Tate With ‘Romanian Sex Trafficker’ Character in Shootout With Cops


Disgraced influencer Andrew Tate was portrayed in a recent South Park episode as a “Romanian sex trafficker.”

Tate went viral on social media last year for his controversial and often misogynistic worldview. Tate and his brother Tristan Tate, are currently detained in a Romanian jail on allegations of human trafficking, rape, and organized crime.

The new episode of South Park aired on Wednesday night, titled Spring Break. It featured a character named Alonzo Fineski.

In the episode, a father, Randy Marsh, is determined to show his sons how to party and enlists Fineski for help.

“I’m just trying to combat the messages that the liberal Left is putting out to young men about their male instincts being toxic,” Marsh tells Fineski.

“The f*ck you talking?” Fineski replied.

“I’m trying to show my son and his nerdy little friend what a real party is because society wants them to be ashamed of their masculine natures,” Marsh explains.

“You want real party?” Fineski asked, “I will — call some friends.”

Later in the episode, Fineski is confronted by cops in a shootout as they yell, “That’s Alonzo Fineski — the Romanian sex trafficker!”

It appears Tate will spend the foreseeable future in Romania as a Romanian judge denied their latest appeal for bail on Thursday. They will remain detained until April 21st despite not being formally charged with anything.

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