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Trevor Noah on Chief of Staff Search: Trump’s Been Turned Down By So Many Americans He Might Have to Hire a Mexican

WATCH: Comedy Central Mocks Celebrities Urging People to Vote in PSA: ‘Does Emma Stone Think I Should Vote?’

Daily Show Mocks Fox News Caravan Fear-Mongering With Spooky Halloween Video: ‘It’s an Invasion!’

Jordan Klepper Lights Up Tomi Lahren Over Her Claim March For Our Lives Isn’t ‘For’ Anything

Nickelodeon, MTV, Other Viacom Networks Go Dark For 17 Minutes to Honor Student Walkout

Trevor Noah Delivers Emotional Monologue on Philando Castile Dashcam Video: ‘It Broke Me’

The Daily Show Sets Up Trump ‘Presidential Twitter Library’ Next to Trump Tower

Watch Comedy Central’s Moshe Kasher Hilariously Troll Noted Troll Mike Cernovich

Comedy Central’s President Show Debuts With ‘Trump’ Fawning Over Ivanka and Marine Le Pen

Daily Show Aims to Mock Sean Spicer, But WH Press Corps Looks Just as Bad

Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show to Get His Own 11:30 p.m. Show

Comedy Central To Launch Weekly Talk Show Starring Anthony Atamanuik as Trump

‘I am the Fake News’: Comedian Tells Mediaite How InfoWars Article Led to Petition to Have Him Fired . . . From Job He Doesn’t Have

‘At Least She’s Only Plagiarizing Herself’: Trevor Noah Slams Melania For CNN and Fox Interviews

‘Their All Losers’: New Report Details Trump’s Sensitivity to Bankruptcy, Hair Jokes at Comedy Central Roast

Ann Coulter Turned Down These Jokes For the Rob Lowe Roast. So, She Bombed Instead

Ann Coulter Plugs Her Book, Gets Booed, Heckled by Pete Davidson at Rob Lowe Roast

Coulter Shrugs Off Rob Lowe Roast: Comedy Central is Moving Away From Comedy

Ann Coulter Gets Destroyed by Comics at Rob Lowe Comedy Central Roast

John Oliver, Last Week Tonight Shout Out Larry Wilmore During Opening Credits

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