SNL Tackles Jussie Smollett Controversy With Shark Tank Sketch: ‘I Broke Humanity’


Saturday Night Live briefly took on the Jussie Smollet controversy during a Shark Tank themed sketch featuring celebrities who have found themselves in legal hot water lately, including New England Patriots CEO Robert Kraft and of course the Empire actor.

“Hey everyone, you won’t believe this,  but I was just attacked outside the studio by Donald Trump himself,” SNL’s Smollett — as played by Chris Redd —  says after entering the Shark Tank.

Then when asked if it is true, SNL Smollett asks if there are cameras outside.

“Then no, it is not,” he says.

Next, when asked why he is here, SNL Smollett replies, “I broke humanity.”

Redd’s Smollett then says if the shark tank lawyers take his case, he will give out spoilers for the next season of Empire where he dies.

“Oh wow! A gay black man lying about an attack,” SNL’s Jeanine Pirro — one of the legal sharks as played by Cecily Strong  — then chimes in. “I wrote Fox News fan fiction about this. But I never thought it would come true. I’m recusing myself. Because I am just too turned on.”

Watch above, via ABC

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