Anthony Bourdain’s Favorite NYC Restaurants


If there’s any celebrity chef we trust to curate our dining experience, it’s Anthony Bourdain. We love him, we fear him, we admire him, and we pretty much always listen to him. He talked with The Daily Beast about everything from his upcoming market to his heroin addiction, to the current state of food television. He also shared his favorite places to eat in New York City. He’s made some excellent choices. If you haven’t been to any of the places he loves, get them on your list immediately. Here they are:


Russ & Daughters


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He tells The Daily Beast, “I’m going to get bialys and a pile of chopped liver and smoked salmon and some cream cheese, maybe some sturgeon, and maybe some fish eggs–and I’m just going to go berserk.”  


Mission Chinese Food  


He says, “At Mission Chinese I drink cocktails with food. My judgment is destroyed by the time the appetizers arrive there. They do these lethal drinks that you would never in your right mind drink in any other circumstance. Mai Tais, really? Why not?”


Osteria Morini


Bourdain is definitely a Michael White fan. He said of his casual-ish downtown spot: “I’ll go to Morini for a bowl of pasta, or if I really want to blow it out I’ll go to Marea, but just for the pasta. Not that the fish isn’t magnificent, but I’ll go in and eat three or four different pastas. If I am carb-loading that would be a good choice.”

Shake Shack


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Of Danny Meyer‘s burger chain, he told The Daily Beast, “Chances are, the first thing I’m doing when I get back if I’ve been away for 12 days—I’m exhausted, I’ve flown from Japan or South America and I arrive at my apartment and I’m just destroyed—I’m calling Seamless to get me some Shake Shack. I’m having a double cheeseburger naked, please. No lettuce. No tomato. No nothing. Just cheese and two burgers on a potato bun. I’ll have two of those and I’m happy. I’m singing America, f*ck yeah!”

We agree on all of those things.


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