Watch: Former City Commissioner Berates FL Governor Rick Scott in a Starbucks


Sometime between last night and this morning, a video went viral: it shows a woman who notices Governor Rick Scott in line at a Gainesville, Florida, Starbucks and lets him know how she feels about his anti-abortion policies. It starts after that, which is noted by the man who uploaded the video last night, Stephen Bender.

In a comment under the clip, he wrote this:

Also, I apologize that I missed the first part. She started with the anti-abortion bill. It would have been more complete with that bit.

The filming starts when she begins to talk about Scott cutting Medicaid, which directly interfered with her family’s ability to get healthcare. Scott waved her off and told her he “created one million jobs” in Florida. (That hasn’t actually happened yet, though jobs have been created.)

When his aid Jeri Bustamante tries to cut in, the woman dismisses her, saying, “I’m not talking to you!” She later polls the other Starbucks patrons about how confident they are about Florida’s employment prospects and finishes by calling Scott “an asshole.”

Scott left the establishment with no coffee. That is not the first time he has refused to speak when confronted by a detractor.

In the comments on the video, reviews of her performance are mixed. Some call her a hero while others speculate that she is an unemployed, Reagan-esque “welfare queen” who is enjoying a $5 latte on the state’s dime and mooching free Wifi at the coffee house. A few have suggested she run for public office if she’s so displeased with the governor. Some were sincere, some were sarcastic.

Here’s the thing many commenters didn’t appear to know: she’s been identified as Cara Jennings. She was a city commissioner in Lake Worth for years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. She has held office and is a known activist. Whether that impacts her perceived rudeness or not is subjective, but it still adds a layer to this coffee cake.

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