Chef Art Smith Plans to Host #101GayWeddings at South Beach Food & Wine


Seriously, we sometimes just expect Art Smith to just fly out of his house wearing a Superman cape. Because for all that he does to champion gay rights and gay marriage, the chef is basically a superhero.

After this week’s news that some of Florida’s worst human beings courthouse clerks planned to end courthouse weddings to avoid marrying same-sex couples, Smith tweeted out some super cryptic Tweets indicating a much bigger celebration ahead.

Sure enough, we reached out to Smith to see what the cryptic codes meant — and he confirmed to us that during this year’s South Beach Food & Wine Festival in February, he will be hosting #101GayWeddings. “We won, but we need a celebration,” Smith wrote to us. “But we also got people who need a wedding.”

Smith revealed to us that Duff Goldman will be making the cakes (swoon), there will be free wedding swag, and that a “famed Hollywood spiritualist,” aka a celebrity chef who’s ordained as a minister (!!!) will perform the weddings. The wedding (free for couples and guests) and the dance after party will benefit local LBGT organizations. Details are still being worked out with the food festival, but Smith tells us it’ll be “first come, first serve” to couples (and two family members) wanting to get married. The first 101 couples who tweet to Smith (@ChefArtSmith) will be married on February 21, at SOBEWFF at the The James Royal Palm. “Think gorgeous SOBE… beautiful words at historic one-of-a-kind event followed up by celeb chef wedding cake and food,” Smith wrote to us. “Plus wedding swag.”

Oh, and why the number 101? “We have our own Cruella DeVille, aka Pam Bondi,” the Florida Attorney General “who fought tooth and nail” to stop gay marriage from happening in her state before the Supreme Court declined her.

Give the man his cape already.


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