Steelers Fan Threatens to Run on the Field, Gets Kicked Out — Or Does He?

A gutsy Pittsburgh Steelers fan tweeted the following during Saturday’s game, asking for 400 retweets to run onto the field. Well, he got a lot more than just 400:

To Jake’s obvious surprise, someone who works at Heinz Field saw the tweet (or did they?), and apparently wasn’t taking too kindly to his threat. He then tweeted the following, which led some to believe he was kicked out of the stadium:

But as it turns out, despite what some reported, he might not have been kicked out at all. On Monday morning, Jake teased and then posted the following “press release” (if you want to call it that) from his Twitter account:

So apparently it was all a planned publicity stunt for the kid’s website. And that second tweet that showed him on a golf cart? He had just gone to the paramedics station to “pose with a friendly staff member,” then promptly returned to his seat — “untouched, unharmed, and unbothered.” Jake also hit the media for its willingness to believe anything they read on the Internet and make the assumption that he was kicked out based on silly tweets.

Silly tweets, they were.

[Featured image via screengrab]

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