Ben & Jerry’s Gave Out Free Samples of Bernie’s Yearning In NYC


Yesterday and today, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield showed their support for presidential candidate and fellow Vermontian Bernie Sanders by scooping Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for New Yorkers in Union Square.

Jerry & I had such a good time scooping FREE Ice Cream for Bernie Sanders yesterday in #NYC, that we’re doing it again…

Posted by Yo Ben Cohen on Friday, April 1, 2016


They were there to promote their Sanders-supporting flavor, Bernie’s Yearning, which is a traditional mint-and-chocolate-chip combo with a twist. The top 1% of each container is comprised of a hard block of chocolate that has to be beaten with a spoon in order to be dispersed among the ice cream that makes up the 99%. (Get it?)

The unique offering from the iconic brand was teased by the duo in January and later, Cohen even whipped up a few batches in his own kitchen. Sanders sampled it a few days later on The View and now, so have a few lucky New Yorkers.

Unfortunately, according to a website set up just for Bernie’s Yearning, it still isn’t an official flavor and Cohen simply makes it  on his own time. Judging by the pictures, though, it looks good and we’d certainly have no complaints if it were added to the official B&J lineup.



New Yorkers, did you get any of the tasty treat?

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