Dems, GOP Commemorate April Fool’s Day About the Way You’d Expect They Would


You know what kind of April Fool’s jokes are the best April Fool’s jokes? Political ones.

Okay, no they’re not, but both the Democratic and Republican parties had some fun at each others’ expense on this April the 1st.

The GOP tweeted out this picture of what is presumably a poor intern who had to somehow find all those floppy disks:

The Florida Republican party in particular had more fun with things, featuring a whole bunch of fake news items about Hillary Clinton:

Tampa Herald: Bill Clinton To Endorse Bernie Sanders As Most Transparent Candidate
Former president Bill Clinton has shifted support from his wife’s candidacy towards Bernie Sanders due to Hillary’s lack of transparency with voters. In a public statement the former president stated that “Bernie Sanders is simply the most honest, transparent and trustworthy democrat candidate in the race for president.” When asked what caused the sudden shift in support, President Clinton cited a full page of scandals from her email server to Wall Street speeches.

The Democrats went a little further with their mockery of the other side by releasing a “transcript” of the private meeting between Donald Trump and the RNC this week. Here’s a taste:

PRIEBUS: Donal… Mr. Trump. Can we talk message? We seriously have a problem. I mean, theres a reason why we do polling. We need to talk about our plans in a way the public will actually accept. I mean, the stuff about Mexicans and Muslims – that’s only said behind closed doors. And we can’t have another year like we did with Mitt. I mean we actually spent money on my autopsy report and…

TRUMP: Failed candidate. Choke artist. He choked like a dog. What a loser. I supported him. Decent guy.

PRIEBUS: Yeah. That’s kind of the point. The stuff you’re saying is the same stuff that cost him the election. I put my name on that report. All I’m saying is we need to be just a little more… welcoming. Just a touch less hate? And the stuff you just said this week about punishing women who get abortions…

TRUMP: Always been consistent. 100% pro-life. But I’m flexible. And there are exceptions. But the law is the law. When I’m president, no abortions. Unless you’re really really rich, which is fantastic. Or not. Totally consistent. Next issue. Aren’t we having fun?

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