Chipotle’s New Ad is Sickly-Sweet (Emphasis on Sickly) And Makes me Hate Them More

Chipotle’s latest attempt to win customers back is with a good old-fashioned tug on the heartstrings. They’ve come out with what appears to be a very expensive animated short slamming other fast food brands for being too corporate. It’s an adorable love story of a boy with an orange juice stand and the girl across the street with a lemonade stand. They compete with each other and in outdoing each other, they each create massive corporate conglomerates that give them all of the money but no happiness. In the end, the two realize the error in their ways, fall in love, and open a mom & pop taco stand.

Watch the entire four minute spot here:


Adorable. Kind of.

But Chipotle is hardly a mom & pop taco shop. It’s a publicly traded company. And the c-suite there is hardly different than that of any of the other gigantic fast food corporations. Remember, Chipotle’s executives are being sued by the company’s shareholders because they allegedly dumped a bunch of stock before the e.coli scandal broke. Plus, isn’t part of the reason that so many people got sick that they don’t practice many of the food safety practices that places like McDonald’s do? Didn’t they just start preparing a bunch of their food in commercial kitchens, just like the other chain to stop it?

Plus, the spot just rings desperate. It’s long, its production costs were probably very high, and they don’t even tell you it’s a chipotle advertisement until the very very end. The video may be as viral as the restaurant’s food, but it’s not going to help.

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