Chipotle Aims to Make a Comeback by Putting Comedians Inside Burritos

Chipotle is Going to Give Away $20 Million More in Free Food to Loyal Customers

Add ‘Racial Discrimination’ to the Still-Growing Number of Lawsuits Against Chipotle

Chipotle’s Latest Effort to Win Over Millennials is Desperate, Even for Chipotle

Millions of Dollars in Free Burritos Can’t Save Chipotle

Of Course Chipotle’s New Burger Chain is Already in Trouble

Chipotle’s New Ad is Sickly-Sweet (Emphasis on Sickly) And Makes me Hate Them More

Maybe They DO Put Crack in the Burritos: Chipotle Exec Sidelined After Cocaine Arrest

Chipotle Exec Indicted in ‘Major’ Lower East Side Cocaine Bust

Your Daily Dose of Bad News About Chipotle: No One Likes Their New Steak

Chipotle Has Been Smacked With Another Lawsuit, And This Time The Chain is Being Sued by Its Own Shareholders

VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Roasts Chipotle’s New Burger Concept

Carl’s Jr. CEO Would Rather Get Rid of All Employees Than Deal with Minimum Wage Hike: Last Call

Tony Parker is Opening a Food Truck: Breakfast Links

The First New Batali/Bastianich Spot in 10 Years and More: Last Call

Here Are a Bunch of NYC Restaurants That Are Way Better Than Chipotle

Even Water is Bad for You: Last Call

We’ll Never Know What Caused the E. Coli Outbreak at Chipotle: Last Call

Things Are Somehow Getting Worse For Chipotle: Last Call

Chipotle is Your Irritating and Desperate Ex

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