WATCH: A Duo Of Feuds From This Week’s Top Chef Seattle

In case you’re feeling a little maxed out on holiday cheer, family time, love, peace, joy, and understanding (or if you’re losing it by now and need some outside dramz to distract you from your already drunk Uncle Steve), Top Chef: Seattle was kind enough to serve up a duo of feuds on last night’s Thanksgiving-themed episode.

First, Carla and Stefan were at it when she got ever so slightly defensive of he and CJ tasting her soup before it was seasoned. Then, Stefan made the crucial mistake of trying to calm her down with a soothing “honey.” Oh, no. No, no, no. Remember how Carla wants to be a James Beard and have a nice ass? She’s a very serious lady chef and she will not take your Don Draper-esque cutesy girl nicknames. She is Chef Carla. Not honey or sweetie.

“This is why I left Europe,” Stefan moaned. “European women.”

Later, after Kuniko’s unexpected elimination and mind-blowing humility in the face of it, the chefs were remembering her fondly in The Stew Room. Well, all the chefs except Tesar… CJ calls him out on his Negative Nancy behavior, and the two start this spat, presumably to be continued next week. Are we sensing that a major divide between the veterans and the newbies is here to stay?

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